Our Mission

We represent Christian women from all walks of life who hold conservative Christian values.  Our mission is to show the power of living a godly life in the 21st century; and to show the world that the God we serve still loves the world.  We provide a platform for Christian women that promotes and celebrates a Biblical world view.  We set out to accomplish these goals through engaging local, regional and national gatherings that include: dynamic speakers, life changing testimonies, and uplifting music.


Our Core Values

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. [Luke 6:31]

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all of your mind; and love your neighbor as yourself. [Luke 10:27]

Seek peace and pursue it. [1 Peter 3:11]


Our Creed

We walk in humility.
We do not judge anyone.
We set the atmosphere for God’s redemption.
We display positive and encouraging messages.
We cry out to God for the wounded.
When praying with someone, we will not draw attention to ourselves, or the situation.
We demonstrate kindness, respect, and preferring one another.
We walk in the unity of the faith, being of one mind, and one accord.
We embrace people from all generations, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds.
We demonstrate love in action.


“The Lord gives the word [of power];
the women who bear and publish [the news] 
are a great host. Psalm 68:11 AMPC”

Psalm 68:11 |  AMPC


Our Story

Pastor Diane with sword no filter.png

Pastor Diane Mullins, Founder of Deborah's Voice

It all started when...

I put a cry out on my personal Facebook page to take a stand against unrighteousness in our country, and I received an immediate and overwhelming response from Christian women from all over the country to join me in taking a unified stand for righteousness - and Deborah's Voice was birthed. As ambassadors of the kingdom of God, we forge ahead with the ministry of reconciliation,  and demonstrating our love and allegiance to our Lord on our nation's capitol in 2018.  

Stay connected for Deborah's Voice rallies and meetings in your area!  For our mission and vision, please visit our website!

Make plans to join Deborah’s Voice at our national gathering in Washington, DC in 2018 as we release the divine presence and power of God through dynamic speakers, prayer, praise, creative arts, testimonies and more! Details to come! 

Pastor T. Diane Mullins
Founder Deborah's Voice
Co-Pastor Calvary Christian Center
Hamilton, Ohio